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Immerse yourself in a total mind-body experience in the comfort of your own space without leaving your living room

  • Flowing yoga poses with breath, centered around sun salutations.

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  • Movement, breath, meditation, mantras for enhanced prana flow and consciousness.

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  • Passive, long-held postures improve circulation and joint mobility.

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  • Focusing on the mind-body connection through foundational postures.

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  • Cultivates a focused mind, improved concentration, and emotional calm.

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  • Boosting strength, stamina, and core endurance.

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  • Silk hammock yoga enhances postures, flexibility, and strength with gravity.

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    Aerial Yoga

  • Traditional Chinese practice to relieve stress and increase vitality.

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    Tai Chi/QiGong

  • Prop-supported practice promotes relaxation and calm.

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  • Blending asanas for dynamic practice enhancing postures, prana flow, and strength.

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    Yoga Fusion

  • Playful classes combining yoga, acrobatics, and partner skills.

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    Acro Yoga

  • A practice of devotion and love, connecting the heart with the Divine.

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  • Using a chair to support yoga poses while enabling deeper postures.

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    Chair Yoga

  • These dynamic fitness classes are carefully curated to complement your yoga practice.

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You are in good hands with our expert teachers

  • Skillful in Vinyasa flow, Vaza highlights alignment and body awareness to guide students in rediscovering their inner guru.

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    Vaza Racinet

  • A wellness expert and yoga studio owner, Kristen inspires well-being through yoga and movement on and off the mat.

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    Kristen McQuaide

  • Joyce's classes excel in addressing musculoskeletal issues, relieving pain, and enhancing overall body function for students.

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    Joyce Anue

  • Nick, a self-healing coach, offers Tai Chi classes that promote internal healing through breath and meditation.

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    Nick Loffree

  • Taraneh's classes facilitate the journey of self-discovery for each student by harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.

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    Taraneh Sarrafzadeh

  • Dustin's classes blend martial arts influence, balancing vigor, humor, precise asana instructions, and mindful alignment.

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    Dustin McCallister

  • Susannah offers Vinyasa yoga, emphasizing breath, alignment, classical philosophy, and a wicked sense of humor.

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    Susannah Freedman

  • Kent emphasizes a steady and foundational practice in his classes, combining Yoga Chikitsa with classical Ashtanga Vinyasa.

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    Kent Bond

  • Cindy Walker, with 25+ years of experience, blends diverse yoga styles with holistic wellness practices in her classes.

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    Cindy Walker

  • Nat's heartfelt classes cater to beginners and experienced practitioners, guiding them to spiritual and yogic enlightenment.

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    Nat Kendall

  • A diverse movement expert with 20+ years in yoga, Michelle unites yogic awareness and biomechanic movements in her classes.

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    Michelle Bouvier

  • Koren's classes blend creative sequencing to create a compassionate and authentic heart-mind-body connection yoga experience.

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    Koren Kiener

  • Jessica's classes encourage students to access their inner strength by infusing playfulness into their yoga practice.

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    Jessica Oldfield

  • Alyssa's classes fuse traditional sun salutations with contemporary perspectives on movement, body mechanics, and alignment.

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    Alyssa Prettyman


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  • Morning Yoga

  • Release Stress

  • Slow Down

  • Stretch

  • Fundamentals

  • Weight Loss

  • Kick It up a Notch

  • Build Strength

  • Meditation

  • Better Alignment

  • Short on Time

  • Arm Balance

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