Varun Das

  • Tai Chi/QiGong

  • Vinyasa


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My yoga journey began during martial arts training after high school, but it truly became a vital part of my life in 2013. After a motocross accident resulting in numerous injuries, yoga became my sanctuary, aiding in healing my body, improving focus, and enhancing endurance. 
Facing a turning point when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I immersed myself in traditional healing practices like Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Qigong, Acupressure, Breathwork, and Yin Yoga to alleviate his pain and support my family while finding my purpose in serving others. As a yoga instructor, I blend Modern Yoga, Bioenergetic Qigong, Mobility Mechanics, and Soft Acrobatics to offer playful Moving Meditations, focusing on Chronic Pain Relief, Injury Rehab, Stress/Anxiety Management, and Posture Correction. My passion lies in harmonizing ancient healing principles with dynamic and meditative movements to deepen the mind-body connection and help others on their transformative journeys.