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Tauni's fitness journey began 25 years ago, and in 2008, she achieved her 200-hour yoga certification. She strongly believes that yoga suits everyone and sees its potential to elevate physical fitness and overall well-being. Her classes encompass a diverse range of yoga styles, from vinyasa to yin and yoga sculpt. Regardless of the class style, Tauni's teaching fosters a sense of joy as she encourages her students to smile, breathe, and embrace gratitude during their practice.

Beyond her yoga practice, Tauni stays active through running, cycling, walking her dog Duke, weight training, and hiking. As the proud owner of YOGA 4:13 in Bulverde, Texas, she continues to share her passion for yoga and its transformative power with her community. Alongside her husband, Derek, she finds joy in traveling and cherishes quality time spent with their two sons.