Tate Englund

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  • Vinyasa


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 Influenced by injuries and a passion for anatomy, Tate Englund, an E-500RYT, specializes in functional, technique-based vinyasa. Having studied with Jason Crandell for years, Tate continually refines his teaching methods and personal practice. His focus remains on enhancing quality of life by harmonizing strength and flexibility. Tate believes yoga serves as a tool for self-inquiry, emphasizing the purpose behind postures rather than solely their appearance. Understanding the functionality and actions of each pose allows for a practice that significantly impacts our daily lives.


Tate's teachings strike a balance between challenge and accessibility. He seamlessly integrates alignment, strength, and mindfulness, encouraging students to truly comprehend their body's sensations in the present moment. His articulate verbal cues guide students safely and effectively into, through, and out of postures.